Cyril Baigent

We were sorry to hear that Cyril Baigent, who many people will know as a former member of Limesdowne/Fareham Petanque Cub, passed away on Tuesday morning, 27th June.

The family had had a good day together on the previous Saturday and Cyril was in good spirits. When leaving the house to do some jobs on the Tuesday morning he collapsed on the door step and died immediately. The family said he would have felt nothing at all and are only glad he was living in his own house and independent. Tulee is being looked after with her son where she has been living for some time.

We don’t yet know the funeral arrangements, but Cyril’s daughter Amanda will contact me so we hope a few of us will be able to attend. He certainly had a long and busy life and we will no doubt remember him at tomorrow’s doubles game at Fareham Petanque.

Isn’t that funny that several of us were talking about him this week when the daughter of one of his ladyfriends donated her boules to the club on Wednesday. We were especially talking about his trip to Turkey with 3 ladies, which made us all laugh. If you have not heard it please ask those who remember it….it will bring a smile to all of your faces!!

Mary Sheppard