Jubilee Come and Try at Whiteley

 Lovely weather saw a large crowd for the Whiteley Jubilee Picnic with members from Fareham hosting a Come and Try event. A slow start while the crowds enjoyed their picnics and entertainment by Titchfield Festival Theatre but with some encouragement people were soon queuing to have a go, kids at first but soon the parents were playing, so hopefully one or two new members?

Thank you to those who came along to help and special thanks to Nicki and her team at Whiteley Town Council.

1st Regional Qualifier Sunday 22nd May 2022

Great day for the regional qualifier, the terrains looked spot on, surrounds smart and a row of gazebos just to finish it off. So many players thanked us for an excellent set up, we should all be very proud.

Twenty eight teams competed with two from Fareham: “The Minions” (Paul, Sheila, David and Carrie) and “Mind the Gap” (Tim, Daena, Sue and Roz) plus Mark and Paula playing for composite teams. Minions, Mark and Paula faired well enough, Mind the Gap need a good day at Q2 in Climping. Good luck and let’s hope they all make it to Melton Mowbray.

Lots of thank yous:

Martin and Gerry for getting there early to string the terrains, Marion, June, Mari, Jackie Lee and Julie who helped us in the kitchen meaning Lois got a break in the afternoon and I could fall asleep in the chair!

Everyone who turns out on second Wednesdays for gardening night.

And lastly to the weather, so much better than the doubles!

Well done all. Gary.

A Grand Day Out!

Fareham Open Doubles

A great turnout for Fareham’s Open Doubles, 22 teams despite the poor forecast, a big thank you to all who played through the awful rain.

Morning leagues were well contested, Gerry and myself somehow scrapping into the main, 3 wins +5! Stephen Daiken and Pat Dennis leading the way on +33.

Big thanks to Lois and her team for splendid lunch and cakes.

The afternoon knockouts were dominated by Stephen and Pat, great to see Petanque played to such a high standard, but did you have to fanny us in the semi final?


Gold: Stephen and Pat, RU Paula and Robert, 3rd Mark and Will / Gerry and Gary. Consolage: Carrie and Jay.

Silver: Andy and Dawn, RU Alison and Steve. Consolage: Martin and Nicole.

Bronze: Rod and Jim, RU Dave and Jim.

Stephen and Pat
Paula and Robert
Mark and Will

Jack’s Eye Sharpener

Easter Sunday was dry and sunny but with a cool breeze later on, great to see Malcolm and Shelly make the long trip south, with Shelly’s sister Wendy and help from Mari and Jackie Lee we had 16 entries for this years commemorative completion.

Well fortified by bacon sarnies and some excellent beer curtesy of Malcolm a hard fought completion ensued which saw Mark triumph with 4 wins +28 (nice way to celebrate your birthday Mark), Mike second and Gerry third.

Unfortunately We were unable to present the trophy afterwards as Martin (the previous winner) couldn’t find the shield in what must be a quite extensive trophy cabinet.

Many thanks go to Marion for aiding Lois in the kitchen with the lunches, and to Malcolm for providing the eye sharpener, maybe next years Jack’s Eye Sharpener could be north of the border??

SCPA Winter Melee 6th March 2022

This months SCPA Melee saw 24 entries despite the chilly start with players from ABC Wasps, Crondall, Porchester and Shedfield joining the Fareham regulars. There was some great pointing on display, none more so than from Paul Hayward who picked up the dosh with 4 wins +32.

Many thanks to Lois for running the catering and to Sheila for a splendid tea loaf, so good there was none left for me!


Golden Boot 2022

This years annual Fareham v Shedfield match saw an impressive turnout, 18 from Fareham and 11 from Shedfield. it must have been the free soup that drew them in, certainly not the weather – very windy but dry and not too cold.

We lent one player to make a 12 aside match with Julie volunteering to play for our noisy neighbours.

Most games were close but Shedfield seemed to handle the conditions better. I had enough trouble throwing the jack let alone any boule! Eventually they finished worthy winners 8/4.

A great time had by all, many thanks to all who helped out, with special thanks to Lois for the catering.

Thanks also to those who turned up but didn’t get to play in the main completion, unfortunately Bob didn’t get the numbers he was expecting.

Christmas Melee 2021

Weather mild with occasional missle.

COVID worries and a fixture clash kept numbers down to 18 with Sue and Lois sharing games and kitchen duties. Christmas sweaters much in evidence!

We began with bacon butties, two games and then coffee break with nibbles, two more games with the last game to finish deciding the outcome, Bob Bish on one team, Paula and Martin on the other, all on 3 wins. Bob triumphs and the only player with 4 wins.

Soup, cake, mulled wine, beer and a raffle no wonder everyone had a great time.

Results: 1st Bob Bish, tied for 2nd Paula and Martin and 4th place going to Nicole. First Fannies: Mari and George.

Many thanks Lois, Sue, Julie and Sue’s granddaughter Amber for the Christmas fare (Hope to see Amber playing next year). Thanks also go to Paul for running the bar and Jackie for running the raffle. Well done to everyone for donating raffle prizes and for helping make the day a great success. And finally a warm welcome to Graham our latest recruit.

Club Singles

Weather fairly dry but a bitingly cold north wind blowing, we managed to coerce 14 brave souls into battle, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but Singles Champion is a title well worth winning, just ask Dave Kilshaw who played despite spending all night in the casino (he says he was working) great commitment David.

Bacon butties consumed we started with 3 leagues in the morning, soup at lunchtime and then main, consolage and plate in the afternoon.

An easy win over yours truly saw DK into the semis against Mark, and In a hard fought game Mark eventually triumphed and Dave and Carrie could dash off to bed (these youngsters).

The other final semi was an all Hayward affair with some brilliant pointing by Sheila seeing her through, Paul did avoid a fanny (just).

The final: Mark v Sheila alas despite the support of her fellow ladies there was no more heroics from Sheila and a comfortable win for Mark.

The winner
Runner up

The consolage saw a win for Bob Bish over Martin.

Bob Hiding his light, Martin not!

The plate was a close run thing with Daena, Sue and Tim all on 2 wins going into the final round with Daena beating Lois and Tim defeating Sue. The result remarkably, was  draw both with 3 wins +20. Well played all!

Many thanks to Lois for the catering well supported by Sue and Gerry.
Thanks also to Carrie for sorting all the running order, scores etc.

Charity Melee 2021

September 12, Fareham Petanque Club held its first Open event since March 2020. The weather was amazing, the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky, it could have not been a better welcome back to play for FPC.

We had 23 players join us for the day- three from Worthing, two from Adur/Clymping, two from ABC, one from Portchester and the rest from Fareham.

Sheila and Lois took charge of the kitchen for the day. Sheila, Sue and Lois all made amazing cakes. Jackie Lee organised the raffle. And there was a team which arrived early to get the terrain set up and ready for play. I thought I had turned up early, but there was an army already on site before I got there. Thank you to everyone for your help and support to make this Open successful.

We raised £201.75 for Canine Partners this year, the raffle was very well supported and a number of Fareham Petanque Club members who could not play made very generous donations.

The first fanny of the day was awarded to George Churcher and Peter Marland. Chis Moss donated the prize for the first fanny.

Bob Ainsworth was the strongest player with 5 losses -31

Sheila Hayward was 3rd place with 4 wins +18

Mark Robertshaw was 2nd place with 5 wins +36

Paul Hayward was 1st place with 5 wins +45

Thank you to everyone that gave their time to support this event, it was a fantastic day.

Fareham Charity Melee – 2 September 2018

In glorious sunshine 28 players started this year’s charity melee including some brave survivors of the open triples!  A good representation from Kirdford, Crainleigh and Southampton helped swell the numbers.

Overall winner was Paul Haywood (5W + 30), closely followed by Sue Mac (5W + 29) and Dave Kilshaw (4W + 40). Strongest player was Paul L and there were no fannies! Overall we raised £267 for Hants and IoW Air Ambulance.

A big thank you to the catering team: Lois, Marion and Heather and Gary on the barbecue and to Dave and Heather for the raffle. Also a huge thank you to Martin Ware for sponsoring the event.