Christmas Melee

This year, due to Covid-19, the Christmas Melee was limited to club members. We put in extra measures to make the event covid secure. It was difficult to run, but in the end came together.

12 members braved the weather, it was chilly, windy and wet. After having a little word with mother nature, the rain did stop.

Paul Hayward came 3rd with 2 wins +9
Paula Fauvel came 2nd with 2 wins +12
George Churcher came 1st with 3 wins +7

Thank you very much to all my helpers.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


SCPA Melee Sunday 1st March

A commendable 20 players turned out for the melee on what proved to be a sunny, if slightly breezy day. Members from Clymping, Cobbetts and Cranleigh joined a good turn out of Fareham members for an enjoyable competition. The winner with 4 wins +28 was Carrie Litchfield, second was Mark Robertshaw with 3 wins +21 and third was Dianna Slark with 3 wins + 20. Strongest player was Dennis Slark 0 wins -31.