Mad March Open Melee – 25 March 2018

An impressive 32 people turned out for the Mad March Open Melee, despite ill health causing a few to drop out at the last minute. The weather was kind if rather grey, that is until we all packed up to leave when the sun came out!

A good representation from Worthing, Adur, Kirdford and Cobbetts helped to swell the numbers and produce a fun day. The First Fanny honours went to Nicole and Terry Rixon, with further Fannies “achieved” by David Mayer and Diana Slark.

  • Winner: Daena (5W +40),
  • Second: Mark (5W +36)
  • Third: Chris Hunt (Adur) (5W +19).

“Strongest player” was Chris Sulliven (Kirdford) (0W -43).

A big thank you to the catering/raffle team Tim and Heather and also to Daena and Paula for the contribution to the sales team and also to Mark for being an excellent scorer. Finally, thank you to all the other club members who did all the little things that make it all happen.

Competitions Secretary



Women’s Doubles – 10 March 2018

Thanks to Fareham Pétanque Club for successfully hosting the first SCPA Women’s Doubles in celebration of International Women’s Day. The event also marked the centenary of the First Votes for Women.

The weather forecast throughout the week was a changing picture and for a brief moment it was looking promising. But as players began to arrive from far and wide on the morning of Saturday the 10th, they were faced with water-logged terrains and some heavy downpours. However, with some fast action from a determined team (Malcolm, Steve, Tim, Dave & Paul L), water was quickly cleared from enough terrains to enable the 47 ladies eager to compete in this inaugural Women’s Doubles. The rain certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the majority of the ladies as they made the most of the day, enjoying each other’s company and being part of this special event.

Gary & Don worked tirelessly in the kitchen from frying up bacon at the start of day, managing the lunchtime rush to serving up tea and cake (kindly baked by Fareham members) through to the very end – the duo’s ‘service with a smile’ ethos was admired by many visitors to Fareham and created a great impression of the club. Also impressive was Dave Kilshaw as he absolutely relished his role of chief measurer and Umpire for the day. Thanks also to Paul L who captured the days play with some great photos.

It was good to see strong performances from the Fareham ladies who took part in the competition. Congratulations and well done to Paula on winning the Gold with Sammy Thatcher.

Other results included:

  • Gold Semi’s: Hassi & Karen Lombard
  • Gold Consolage winners: Daena & Kaylee Thatcher
  • Gold Consolage semi’s: Sue & Julie
  • Silver Consolage semi’s: Jackie & Lois
  • Bronze Consolage winners: Shelley, Carrie & Suzi Bevis


Full results and photos can be found on SCPA website

Jack’s Eye-Sharpener – 11 March 2018

On a day of varying weather 20 people turned out including several ladies who had played the day before. We also featured 2 generations of the McKenzie family, and other members of the Weedon clan visited during the day.

The first Fanny honours went to Nicole and Katelin with further Fannies recorded by Nicole (again), Martin, Don and Alan!

  • Winner: David Kilshaw (5W +53)
  • Second: Val Samuels (4W +33)
  • Third: John Caine (4W +14)
  • Strongest Player – Shelley (0W -39).

Big thank you to everyone who helped but especially to Lois and Tim for the catering and to Mark for acting as scorer.

Chris Moss

SCPA Melee at Fareham – 4 March 2018

Eighteen players braved the cold and came along to the last of the seasons Regional Winter Melees.  With players mostly from Fareham, there were no surprises at the results after 4 timed games.

Winner Mark Robertshaw, closely behind on his heels was Nicole Ware, 3rd Shelley McKenzie and 4th Paul Hayward.

  • Winner : Mark Robertshaw (Fareham) 4 wins, +31
  • Second : Nicole Ware (Fareham) 4 wins, +26
  • Third : Shelley McKenzie (Fareham) 3 wins, +14
  • Fourth : Paul Haywood (Fareham) 3 wins, +10
  • Friendliest player : Robert (Fareham)

Golden Boot – 11th March 2018

The Golden Boot is a long-standing friendly competition played each year between Fareham and Shedfield. On a sunny but cold and windy Sunday morning Fareham held on to the Golden Boot for a second year running. There were 12 players from each club this year, playing in triples. The overall result was 6 games all and the competition was declared a draw…. but as last year’s winners, Fareham hold onto the trophy (and actually we scored more points!).

Many thanks to the Fareham team for an excellent performance. Also thanks to the kitchen team: Lois, Heather and Marion for keeping spirits (and temperatures!) up with lunchtime soup and some tempting cakes.


Terrain changes at Fareham PC

Around 15 FPC members armed with wheelbarrows, shovels, hoes and rakes spent Saturday morning working on Fareham’s petanque terrains, including gardening, weeding paths, clearing leaves and re-distributing and levelling large amounts of gravel.

Along with general maintenance work, a new wooden separator was installed between lane 12 and lane 13. This is in preparation for the addition of a new surface on lanes 8-12, to give players a greater variety of surfaces to play on.

When completed, the 16 terrains will comprise:

  • Lane 1-4 : Fast, smooth-rolling but uneven surface with almost no top-dressing
  • Lane 5-8 : Thick medium grit “Fareham special”
  • Lane 9-12 : Large stone aggregate – a challenging surface to suit high-lobbers and boule-to-boule shooting
  • Lane 13-16 : Thick medium grit “Fareham special”

The exact stone type for the new surface is still under some discussion, but will soon be in place. It will be interesting to see how both Fareham players and visitors cope with the new surface, and learn to adapt their playing style to the different pistes.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to help, and special thanks to Lois for providing much-need refreshments to thirsty and hungry workers!