Club Drawn Pairs

As slightly “thin” turnout this year with only 14 players contesting. The weather did not start very promising but turned into a lovely spring day – shame it was June! Strongest players were Jackie Churcher and David Mayer, 6th were Gary and Chris, 5th Mike and Gerry, 4th Jackie Lee and Sue, 3rd David Kilshaw and Mari. Runners-up were Carrie and George with Daena and Tim the winners with 5 wins +32.

A huge thank you to Lois and Heather for the food and Martin for delivering the trophy!

Fareham Open Doubles

A superb turnout of 22 teams including one team of juniors battled it out on a day that threatened rain. Main final was an all Cobbetts affair with Dave Stubbs and Richard Greeves winning with Alison Stubbs and Pete Tomlin as runners up. Main Consolage was won by Tony Giordano and Leo Black (Muscliffe). Plate winners were Nicole and Martin Ware with Plate runners up Jackie and Danny Corp (Shedfied). Plate Consolage was won by Mick and Pat Roberts (Muscliffe) and the spoon was won by Bill Mackrell and John Bailey. First Fanny were Nick Hall and Mike Powelsland (Portchester).

Huge thank you to Dave and Carrie for running the competition and as ever to Lois and Heather for the catering.

Spring Melee

An excellent turnout to this year’s Spring Melee of 33 players from across the region. The weather was kind all day long with the occasional appearance of the sun! This year’s winner and defending champion was Daena (5W +21), second Paul Hayward (4W +25, points for 59) and third was Julie (4W +25, points for 58). Strongest player by one point was Chris Sullivan (Kirdford) (1W -25). First Fanny’s were Sue Mac and Diana Slark, with Gerry and Paul Hayes (Muscliff Park) also being fanny’d.

A huge thank you to Lois and Gary for providing the food and to Sheila for running the raffle.

Club Singles

On a rather chilly April day 18 players fought it out for the Club Singles. Overall winner was David Kilshaw with Mark as runner up. Main Consolage was won by Paul Leverett. The Plate was won by Chris and Plate Consolage by George. The Spoon was won by Gerry. Some cracking games, especially the Plate final which was eventually won 13 – 12.

As ever a big thank you to Lois and Marion for the catering and everyone else who helped with the organisation.

Golden Boot

This year’s Golden Boot took place on a lovely sunny morning. There were 13 Fareham players and 10 from Shedfield with Lois volunteering to play for Shedfield. After a hard fought contest, it was tied on 6 games each with Fareham retaining the Boot on the points total: 118 to 108.

A big thank you to Lois and Marion for the kitchen duty and Gary as soup maker!

Jack’s Eye Sharpener

Despite the blustery conditions, 22 players battled it out! It was lovely to see Malcolm and Shelley playing and also Shelley’s sister Wendy. Winner was Mark (4W +21), second was Diana ((4W +20) and third was Gary (3W +15). Strongest player was Gerry (1W -21) – although as he had left by then, Sue collected on his behalf.

A big thank you to Lois and Marion for running the kitchen and to everyone who helped with the organisation including Shelley for presenting the prizes.

SCPA March Winter Melee

A hardy 10 turned out to play despite the wind and rain! Joint winners were Jackie Lee and Terry Rixon (3W +16), 3rd was Paula Fauvel (3w +15). Strongest player Gerry Mac (1W -31). First (and only) Fanny – Paul Hayward and Gerry Mac.

A big thanks to Sue and Julie for the catering.

Christmas Melee

Despite Saturday’s heavy rain, 28 turned out for this year’s melee, including four players from Worthing and three from Kirdford. A few short showers failed to dampen the enthusiasm!

The winner was Paula with 3 wins +20, second Paul Hayward with 2 1/2 wins +17 and third was Julie 2 1/2 wins +14. Strongest Player was Malcolm Berrett (Wothring) 0 wins -29. Malcolm and Keith (Soft Boules group) had the first (and only) fannies in the second round. Prizes also awarded for best costumes – jointly to Gary and Bob Bish and best hat, David Kilshaw.

Thanks to Lois and Marion (and various helpers – Gary, Sue, Amber and Paula) for the kitchen and Sheila for the raffle.

Mayor’s Cup

In the lovely Autumn sunshine team Fareham successfully defended the Mayor’s Cup. All three triples performed outstandingly with Sue Mac, Mike Sheppard and Robert Cleaver winning four our of a possible 6 games. Paula, Carrie and Chris racked up five wins out of six but the stars were David Kilshaw, David Mayer and Gerry Mac who won all six games, finishing with an epic 13-12 win in the last game under flood lights. Overall Fareham won 15 out of a possible 18 games. Well done everyone.