Christmas Melee

Despite Saturday’s heavy rain, 28 turned out for this year’s melee, including four players from Worthing and three from Kirdford. A few short showers failed to dampen the enthusiasm!

The winner was Paula with 3 wins +20, second Paul Hayward with 2 1/2 wins +17 and third was Julie 2 1/2 wins +14. Strongest Player was Malcolm Berrett (Wothring) 0 wins -29. Malcolm and Keith (Soft Boules group) had the first (and only) fannies in the second round. Prizes also awarded for best costumes – jointly to Gary and Bob Bish and best hat, David Kilshaw.

Thanks to Lois and Marion (and various helpers – Gary, Sue, Amber and Paula) for the kitchen and Sheila for the raffle.